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Do you have Gpro of the songs to share? Jajaja
Asked by Wolf

A: We don't, sorry. Maybe someday I'll figure out how to use GP and put something up.

You guys were awesome, sucks youre done. Thanks for all the great music tho!
Asked by FrenchSpeakingDude

A: Thanks FrenchSpeakingDude!

Hey guys, i just saw the news. Definitely gotta say, i'm pretty bummed that one of my favorite punk bands has called it quits. HOWEVER, I consider myself lucky to have even found you guys to begin with. I wish you guys the best with your lives, thank you
Asked by Jon

A: Thanks Jon.. Means a lot!

Say it ain't so. Each release was better than it's predecessor I am so impressed with you guys. I really wish for there to be more TIAS, but I can understand. At least I can be excited, disappointed and delighted over and over again.
Asked by Tyler

A: Thanks for the kind words Tyler!

Noooooooooo!!!!! First "Forty Cent Fix" now "This Is A Standoff", Why John, why???? At least come to México...
Asked by A fan from México

A: Uh oh.. Sorry to disappoint! Someday I'll find a way to make it there and do a guitar solo in your living room. - John

Hey guys, i just wanted to say that your songs really inspired me being in a band, hopefully i get to see some belvedere at brazil someday? Show up at northeast sometime!
Asked by Victor

A: Thanks Victor, stoked that we could inspire you!

so does this mean no more Q & A? I have so much left to ask!
Asked by you will be missed

A: I'll still be checking this every now and then, so feel free to fire away! - John

Do you guys love poutine?
Asked by the dude (no, the other one)

A: More than anything in the world

California needs you. Wait, that's not a question is it? Do you guys know that California needs you? Come with AWS after they release their new record! Seriously, just the thought gives me a concrete boner
Asked by norCal n8

A: That new AWS record is going to kill! So stoked.

You said you watched a lot of Soprano's during the first album, were there any sort of "addictions" for be disappointed or the new album?
Asked by John Huseby

A: We had a good Ace Ventura session during the recording of Be Delighted. But other than that, just coffee.

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RANDOM FACT: Nick used to play in the Johnsons.. He joined Standoff in July 2009.
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