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How old are you guys??
Asked by Carol

A: 33, 31, 30, 27. Guess who?

What would you say are the top 3 bands that you feel have influenced you the most? PS You guys rock
Asked by Tyler

A: Hmm, so tough to pick three. When I was a teen and really learning guitar and diving into punk, probably NOFX, Propagandhi, Face To Face. - John

How long does it take to get those harminoizded lead bits down?
Asked by Shane

A: Surprisingly not too long despite our old fat fingers and lack of practice! I think they seem harder than they are!

Who is more shred, John or Steve?
Asked by Andrew

A: Tough one. I think John is more shred, however Steve is more noodle. Wait.. the answer is Nick.

Do you guys had plans to came to Brazil?
Asked by Pigssaur

A: We've been trying to work it out for a while now.. Hopefully in 2011!

I need your advice. Should i be a musician or become part of a professional Search and Rescue team for a life career? my passion is music but i want to help and save peoples lives.
Asked by RaggieFroogle

A: Whoa tough one. Maybe you can shred and rescue at the same time?

is that john playing your songs on youtube with the old ibanez?
Asked by Mitch

A: it is. the videos were done as a reference when allan from passenger action filled in for two weeks in 2009.

what are the guitar setups?
Asked by john

A: we tune one full step down - D G C F A D

Why aren't you guys coming to Eindhoven (NL) while in Europe? It's only a 1.5 hours drive from Amsterdam, and you're playing there twice!!
Asked by Robert

A: sorry robert! we're covering a lot of netherlands with shows in amsterdam, naaldwijk, and nijmegen! maybe next time?

Is Graham still in the band? If so, why wasn't he in the Graveyards video?
Asked by Pablo

A: Graham is indeed still in the band -- He unfortunately wasn't able to tour with us this spring, and that was our only opportunity to shoot this video. Our good friend Mike who was filling in on the drums is the sexy face you're looking at behind the kit.

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RANDOM FACT: He's back! Simo Perini will be playing drums for us in Europe and Canada in fall 2011!
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