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Any south america plans?? There's a bunch of people in colombia hoping to see you
Asked by David

A: someday?

is there any chance you will come to Indonesia?
Asked by ryan alfa

A: We would love to! There is nothing in the works at this moment, but hopefully someday!

Are you gonna be coming back to the States soon?? If so will it most likely be with a large band like Strung Out again???
Asked by Denver Ben

A: There's nothing planned at the moment, but we're working on it! Fingers crossed for later in the year!

Yesterday by Jera On Air was Nice! I'm Mike! I hope you remember me! I hope you come to Limburg (The Netherlands) Again. Why don't come you to eier und speck festival in Germany?
Asked by Mike

A: Mike!! It was awesome meeting you at Jera.. Coldest day ever! We have some festivals in Germany this summer, take a look at the tour dates.. Hope to see you there!

Any venues you refuse to play?
Asked by Z

A: We'll play anything.. Seriously. Venues, clubs, squats, fields, basements, houses, backyards, weddings.. You name it.

When do you come to Brazil???
Asked by xXxÉdisonxXx

A: we're working on it.. we swear. it will happen!

steve gave me a small tee when i asked for a large, should i lose weight?
Asked by dude

A: He's quite subtle, isn't he?

What are some of your favorite albums of all time?
Asked by James M

A: Tough to choose just a few.. But in the long run.. Foo Fighters - The Colour and The Shape, Radiohead - The Bends & OK Computer... Weezer - Pinkerton.... I never get sick of those ones -- John

wasn't John's "brownburst" guitar an Ibanez GXA70?
Asked by Dude

A: Oh.. That old thing.. Yeah, you nailed it. That thing sucked.

What does Manchester smell of?
Asked by Ithnan

A: Is this some sort of riddle or trick question? I'm going to go with "fish and chippies"?

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