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02.07.2012 Game Over

As you may have noticed, things have been quiet with us since the fall, and apologies are due, as we have been holding onto this bit of news for a few months now. To make it short and sweet, This Is A Standoff is done. Touring has become harder and harder, and everyone's lives have been heading in different directions for quite some time now.

We set out to be a part-time band, but somehow we ended up playing 322 shows in over 25 countries across 4 continents. Along the way, we were lucky enough make amazing friends in all corners of the world and play along side some of our favourite bands.

It's been an amazing and surreal five years, and we owe endless thank you's to every single one of you that helped us out along the way by checking out a record, attending or promoting a show, letting us crash on your floor, giving us food, or simply taking five minutes to come chat with us.

It's been swell, friends... Thanks for everything.

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RANDOM FACT: John used to play in Forty Cent Fix
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